Seshagopal Selvakumar

  • Front-end Developer.
  • Content Writer.
  • Thinker.
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Seshagopal Selvakumar sitting on a bike

Hello World!

I am currently pursuing my final year of electrical and electronics engineering at the BMS institute of technology and management. I have been coding and designing websites for the past year. I love traveling, playing music, and learning new things every day. My primary interests include UI, UX, front-end design, astronomy, and electric vehicles. I love writing and polishing my pre-existing skills. I also read a lot of books to challenge my perspective on life. Apart from the usual academic stuff, I also dabble in photography, travel, and practicing my web designing skills. My dream is to join SpaceX and work on interplanetary travel. I design websites for clients when I am free, so send me an email!